Born in Palmerston North, I was brought up with regular visits to the beach, bush and lakes. I guess that is where my love of the land comes from.

Photography has played a large part in my childhood with my parents taking lots of photos of us as children. They had an old Zeiss Ikon camera which took very good photos.

I started to use this camera in my early teens. I purchased my first SLR - a Praktica - when I was 16 and became heavily involved with black and white photography - this included building my own darkroom in the backyard.

Now living in Rotorua, part of the beautiful Bay of Plenty, allows me to find fantastic natural subjects to photograph. Being self taught I am always experimenting with and learning new techinques. I have a passion for photography and would love to be able to do this as my main income but currently work fulltime as a CEO for a large bakery.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them. I look forward to you returning to see new additions from time to time.